Lacey Top

Size Guide

Womens loose fit lace top 

Lace is such a pretty fabric as it combines texture, pattern and sheerness all in one. This makes lace clothing very attractive and flattering on all women which is why we created the lacey top. 

This piece of clothing is a one size fits most, zero waste top. (I realise that's a mouthful but the actual garment is beautiful and simple)

One size fits most

We've tested this top on lots of different women from sizes 6 right through to 18 and it looks great on everyone. It can be worn loose or belted depending on your preference and body shape. 

If you are shopping for a gift for someone else or even a reward for yourself then this is perfect because it is such an easy fit. We've even had customers talk about how easy they can share this top with friends or family even if they're different sizes.

The lacey top is great all year round as in summer you can wear it with a singlet and in Winter you can layer up with merinos.  

Sustainable Fashion

We love creating eco friendly items and this piece is a zero waste item which means that there are no scraps of fabric going into a landfill. 

Fabric is 100% nylon and sourced from a reputable Australian supplier.

Buy nz made

This garment is made right here in Wellington, New Zealand as is all items from Desiree Clothing

Model is a size 10 and is wearing the OS in Green