Make it Work

Make it Work

Just wanted to do a massive shoutout to our lovely photoshoot team over the weekend! 

Team photo at desiree summer photoshoot
Charles Turner was our lovely photographer, who always does an amazing job and knows exactly what I want. (Probably thanks to nearly 10 years of marriage)

Joanna Watkinson was our beautiful model, who was so lovey to be around, really suited the clothes and really saved the shoot (more about that in a minute)

Julie Kurtz (my Mum) did a great job of keeping us on time and on task. We started late due to unforeseen circumstances but got through things pretty quickly thanks to her encouragement.

Ace and Roxanne are fashion design students (who I met because they live in our rental property, how awesome is that?) and they were both so lovely to have onset as the dressers and assistants. 

Vlad Lashman usually does behind the scenes pictures and videos but this time he saw what needed to be done and just did it. In this case, it was entertaining my 7yr old who insisted on being home for the photoshoot but then got bored and in the way. Surprise, surprise, because nobody would have guessed that!

Thank you all so much, you are all amazing. Everything looked great and we had an awesome time on set and on location and it wouldn't have been that way without the whole team.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start with a no show hair and makeup artist, at first we figured she was running late but after an hour of waiting and calling it became clear she just wasn't going to show up. So we called everyone we could but naturally they were all booked. Truthfully I was pretty furious. A no show for some a key role can completely ruin a whole photo shoot, waste a lot of time and cost me a lot of money.

Thank heavens that Joanna, our model, does a great job of her makeup and I managed to sort the hair. I was already going for a beautifully natural look that those at home could achieve and we definitely got that. If Joanna and I can do then so can you. Doing it ourselves was was NOT the plan but it actually looked really good.
Joanna Watkinson model for desiree summer 2018

The day was full of little hiccups but none were big enough to stop us. Everything that came up we found a way around.
Which reminds me, I have to do another shout out to Sophorn Soung who owns the ice cream truck at Aotea Lagoon. I realise this might be a funny shout out but she really saved the day.

So among all the other things going wrong, sick kid, escaped bunny rabbit, no show, lights not working etc the camera battery charger plug got knocked out and therefore didn't charge properly. When we got to Aotea Lagoon for our campaign shots we had a small amount of battery on two batteries but really not enough.

As I was trying to think how we could possibly get some battery power I remembered meeting Sophorn at my Dads work and hearing about how she has an iceream truck at Aotea Lagoon. Her and I had a lovely conversation and she seemed really interested in the work I do. So I sent Julie out to go see if she could explain who I was and if she would charge the battery which she very kindly did. I know it was cheeky of me but I super grateful she said yes. So next time you are at Aotea Lagoon, get an ice cream or milkshake from her. I definitely will, which will really make my kids very happy.

ice cream truck at Aotea Lagoon

So at the end of the day, we did it. Before a photo shoot I am always a bit nervous that it is all going to fall apart. It is months of hard work all coming together and is a make or break day.

What I learning more and more each season is that things always go wrong but we are experienced and resourceful enough to get past the problems and just 'Make it work'. Tim Gunn would be proud ;-) 


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