Behind the Scenes: Making of The Summer Wrap Dress

Behind the Scenes: Making of The Summer Wrap Dress

Summer Wrap Dress

In case you haven't noticed, we love making beautiful clothes for the everyday kiwi woman. Usually we just share the pictures of the final product but that doesn't show how much goes into making that item so we thought it would be fun to video the process of creating our beautiful Summer Wrap Dress.

Designer Clothing 

As a Designer there are so many great designs to choose from so why not take a vote? We included our Instagram followers in a poll to decide which dress to make. We gave two beautiful options but there was a pretty clear winner which was the wrap dress which is now the Scarlet Wrap Dress (available on our online store)

Watch Online

The original videos were shared on our Instagram stores @desireeclothing but we have saved the videos to put into a single clip that you can watch all at once along with pics of the final result.

Watch the video here


 Hope you enjoyed it!







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