Organic Cotton Colour Block Reversible Dress - Orchid

A colour block, designer dress, made in New Zealand from Organic Cotton. It can be worn two ways, v-neck or round-neck and is under $200 including shipping.

Pretty hard to beat that!

But still.... let me tell you a bit more about what you are buying.

Two ways to wear
The Orchid dress is designed to be the same shaping front and back so it can be worn with either at the front and still be a great fit. We have done one side with a soft v-neck and the other with a round-neck so you can choose which to wear at the front. This means you can wear the neckline that suits you the most and you can change it around whenever you please. For example if you have a beautiful new necklace you want to wear you can check and see which neckline frames it best.

Organic Cotton
What does that mean and why is it important?
The cotton the fabric is made from was not grown with chemicals, this means it is better for the environment, better for the farmers and better for your skin.

Knee length
This is a great length for many reasons. Firstly it is appropriate for everywhere. There are many places where a short dress is not appropriate but a knee length dress is appropriate pretty much everywhere. I can't think where it wouldn't be appropriate.... 

Secondly, it is great if you are tall. If you are one of those long legged women (that most people are envious of) I know you have problems with things being long enough, dresses quite often turn into tops on you so I am sure you will appreciate the extra length.

Now if you are slightly on the shorter side, I haven't forgotten about you. A below the knee or calf length dress is still going to look great, but if you would prefer it to be a bit shorter and you know that at the time of ordering, just leave a note at the checkout and we will shorten it for you before we send it out. 

Colour Blocking
Many of our repeat customers love our colour block dresses and this one is set to be one of our most popular. Our colour block dresses are striking in their beautiful simplicity and very flattering. The Orchid dress has this lovely triangular shape that looks great but also draws attention away from the stomach. We have used darker colours on the lower half of the dress because it is more flattering and it also means the colour is closer to your face.


Made in New Zealand
We proudly make EVERYTHING in New Zealand and are a member of the Buy NZ made organisation. Buying Made in NZ items helps support local businesses and keep the trade and skills in NZ alive.

The Orchid dress has a beautiful slim fit and is made from a knitted organic cotton with a small amount of spandex for extra strength. The stretch makes for a really easy fit, it is comfortable to wear whilst still looking great. It also makes it easier to order online because there are more body sizes that can fit each dress size comfortably. (Also, if your order arrives and it doesn't fit, we will happily exchange for the correct size) 

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