Face Mask

  • This face mask has been designed and tested to ensure a great fit that is easy to put on and take off. 

    It is fully reversible so you have two different fabric options and can change it to suit your preference or your outfit. 

    It is held on with elastics that sit at the crown of your head and the back of your neck. The mask will arrive with loose ends, put the mask on your face and tie the ends into knots at a comfortable tightness and then cut the ends off. Leave a little bit of extra on the top band as this helps you to be able to grab the knot and pull the mask off without touching the front of the mask. 

    Along the bridge of the nose it has a wire insert which you can mould around your nose to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. 

    The outer layers are cotton, linen or viscose depending on the print and there are 3 filter layers in the middle. It is machine washable and reusable. 

    The picture shows an example of one of the fabric options but there are several including plain black. If you have a specific request please put it in the notes and we will try and provide that one. With the high demand at the moment we are running out of fabrics quickly and getting new ones and can't get pictures up online quickly enough.

    The small is shown in the picture and is suitable for kids and women with small faces. The large is best for men and most average adult faces.