Dai Dress

Who doesn't love a beautiful dress? They are an outfit all on their own and make mornings super breezy. 

This dress ticks all the boxes for being the perfect outfit for you.

First, beautiful fabric? That's a given - we don't skimp on aesthetics. Batwing sleeves and elasticated waist? No squeezing or gymnastic moves to get slip into this dress. Adjustable hem? No problem, wear it high or wear it low, tuck over the waistband. Sleeves up or sleeves down? Both! 3 second decisions. So fuss free. So comfortable. So YOU.


Love points

Elasticated waist

Adjustable hem length (pull fabric over the waistband)

Comfy and beautiful batwing sleeves

Sleeves can be worn long or cuffed


Fabric: Viscose 

Model wears size 10 in Navy Floral


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