Drop Hem Zero Fabric Waste Skirt - Camellia

This designer skirt will be such a great addition to your wardrobe because it opens up a lot of outfit possibilities, it is an easy to wear piece of clothing as well as being easy to take care of and sustainably made in NZ.

Does that check all of your boxes? Oh, and free shipping. Check :-) 

The Camellia Skirt from Desiree comes in two different prints or plain coloured bamboo fabric. All of the fabric options feel lovely and have a beautiful drape to them. 

Elastic inside the skirts waistband allows for a comfortable fit and no need to worry about being uncomfortable as the day wears on, after a big meal or just as weight fluctuates, this skirt will still be a great fit. 

Worn on the waist this skirt sits at around knee length, worn on the hips it covers the knees. It can even be worn above the bust as a top. Don't you just love versatile items like this? Great for everyday wear but also perfect for travelling as it is kind to suitcase space with the multiple ways to wear it.

How is this piece of designer clothing sustainably made?

Firstly it was locally made in New Zealand and secondly this skirt is a zero fabric waste item meaning that not a scrap is left behind. This means that there is no fabric wastage going to a landfill in order to make this item. 


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