Zero Waste Berkeley Dress - 100% cotton knit

Cotton Knit Summer Dress

The Berkeley dress is a gorgeously simple, easy to fit, Summer cotton knit dress that you will never want to take off. It is available in 2 sizes making it super easy to get the right size for you.

Locally Made Sustainable clothing

All of our clothing is produced locally in good working conditions using sustainable practices. This dress is a zero waste garment meaning that no fabric is going into the landfill due to this dress being made. 

Dress with Pockets

Every dress is better with pockets, which is why the Berkeley dress has two big pockets perfect for hands or carrying bits and pieces.

Reversible Clothing 

We love options, especially when it comes to clothing. This is why the Berkeley dress is reversible from front to back, giving you the choice between a round neck or v-neck and having a tie up at the front or the back. The pockets have also been cleverly placed on the side so that you can use them with both options.

Modest Fashion

This dress will have you covered up in all the right places to make you feel comfortable and confident. The neckline is not too low, there is a little bit of a sleeve and the hem is around knee length. 

Fashion Model

The models in these images are usually a size 10 and they are wearing the NZ 6-10 size with a bit of extra room.

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