Why I couldn't share all my Japan Pics

October 17, 2016

Earlier this year I got to explore Japan for the first time and it was amazing! I shared a few photos at the time but there were quite a few I held back.

I really wanted to just share all of them but I had to carefully select which ones to share and it was all because of what I was wearing....

Our trip happened after we had photographed the Spring Summer collection but well before the collection was released, but it was Spring in Japan. But this collection was perfectly designed for travelling so how could I not wear it??? Everything is ridiculously comfortable and doesn't require any special washing or drying. So I just couldn't resist packing the sample collection for this trip.

It was so awesome getting to wear this collection whilst in Japan but it was hard to try and keep most of the photos to myself so I didn't spoil the surprise.

Now that Spring is here I can finally share loads of pictures! I promise not to go overboard, I definitely don't want to be one of those people that will make you sit down and watch 3 hours worth of holiday pictures.




This is Serendipity Top and the What If Skirt down at the cute little park across the street from where we were staying. I loved the Japanese sign and those flowers.

Serendipity top in japan


Serendipity Top but this time paired with the Destiny Culottes and this is down in Osaka in an area with loads of great restaurants.

Destiny Culottes


Lucky Stripes Tee with the Precious Trouser outside the Osaka Castle. The rock wall behind has these big rocks but amazingly they are just the 'small' rocks, some of the big ones were the size of a van! Pretty crazy. I loved this spot for a picture because of the very Japanese tree behind me and the pretty flowers.

Lucky Stripes Tee at Osaka Castle


You will have seen a little bit about this one but I just found that hubby had turned a few pics into an animation and just had to share it. I'm wearing the Duo Tee with my favourite El Dorado Coat which I have worn nearly every day this Winter. We were at Nara Park feeding (and getting bitten by) the Deer.

Feeding the deer at Nara Park


I don't cycle in New Zealand but as it turns out I really enjoy riding in Japan and the Duo Dress was perfect for a warm day and lots of riding.
This picture was taken in Kyoto, we took the train out there and then hired a couple of bikes so that we could visit several different places in one afternoon. Well worth the 500 yen! (about $6NZD)

Duo dress on a bike


How amazing is this chandelier?
We found it down a little side street in the Harajuku area. Sadly we only had a short amount of time in Tokyo and when we got to Harajuku it was too early for all the interesting outfits to be out and about.

Gwyneth dress in Harajuku


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