Want to see inside the world of fashion? Watch these

The world is fashion is amazing and there are so many different aspects of the Industry, some of which even I haven't seen first hand.

So, in my spare time I love to watch fashion documentaries and I think you will enjoy these too. I don't know about you, but I always find it fascinating to see how other people live and these docos do a great job showing that.

True Cost

the True Cost

Okay, so you have probably heard about this one by now but maybe you haven' seen it. Well, you really should. I think everyone needs to watch this. This documentary travels around the world to film the effect of the fashion industry on the environment and the workers lives.

Word of warning, this actually made me cry. Then one of my kids starting banging on my door and totally ruined the moment. As a member of the fashion industry, but proudly one who produces in NZ, it was heartbreaking to see the effect this industry has for some people. Fashion bring me great joy in my life so it hurts to see what pain it causes for other people. 

So watch it but be prepared to be moved by it.


Dior and I

Dior and I

This one is just beautiful and probably won't make you cry. Filming follows Raf Simons as he takes over as Creative Director of Dior. Its pretty fancy to see how things work in such a well known well funded label. The focus is on the couture show and we get to see the ateliers working away and see tonnes of intricate detailing. It really is beautiful.

On the flip side it is interesting to see how difficult it is for someone to come in and take over a well established label. I was really surprised to see how nervous and emotional Raf Simons was around the showing of his first collection for Dior. Seems silly when I think about it now but I guess I just figured that someone of his level would be so confident and unemotional about it. Was really nice to see that he is human after all. 


The Director

The Director

Frida is the Creative Director for Gucci and filming follows her around whilst the collection is being created and shown on the runway. Similar to Dior and I, Frida has come in and taken over an established label but she is not brand new to the label like Raf was.

I enjoyed this documentary but it was the last on my list mostly because I felt like Dior and I actually gave more insight into the inner workings. I also found it somewhat hard to understand some of what was being said due to Fridas italian accent so I watched with subtitles, which meant I didn't get to enjoy the cinematography quite as much. 

Still, I enjoyed seeing how things worked and watching how decisive and straight up Frida is. Also found it very interesting that she had always wanted to work for another label and not do her own. I guess as a designer who has always wanted to do my own label I found it fascinating to see the other side.


Loved watching these documentaries and now I am on the hunt to find a documentary that follows an emerging designer or someone working on a smaller scale.

So, I'd love to hear if you have watched any of these 3 docos and what you think, or if you know of an emerging designer doco please let me know.