She Said Yes to a White Christmas

She Said Yes to a White Christmas

I have been dying to share these pictures for months now! and I am excited to finally be able to post them.

It would be great to say that the pictures were embargoed and just waiting for the right time..... but it was actually that I somehow misplaced the SD card they were on. I was so upset and couldn't believe I had lost them, so much so that I literally jumped for joy when I found them. Haha that is one perk of moving house, you find all sorts of things. 

Megan wearing clothing by desiree

Megan from She Said Yes is an amazing blogger and has now created the Little White Book which is a life saver for any Bride-to-be. Since Megan is all about weddings it is only fitting that she would like wearing white. And not just any white, but our Summer Gwyneth Dress in white. 


She Said Yes wearing white ponti dress 


Doesn't she look amazing? I love this dress on her and it was so much fun seeing Megan in the dress and watching her looking and feeling great. She wore it to Fashion Week and then we had a quick little photo session down on the wharf. (She knows all the great photo spots nearby her office)


Desiree Clothing being worn by blogger


So now that it is Christmas time, this kind of makes it as close to a White Christmas as we get in New Zealand. I am sure the snowy White Christmas is gorgeous but a white Summer Dress for Christmas is a pretty good alternative. Totally a kiwi way of doing things, so lets just hope it is a Sunny Christmas Day.


Auckland Fashion Blogger wearing caped stretch dress Modest ponti knit dress on wedding Blogger

If you haven't heard of Megan before then firstly where have you been? and secondly, you should definitely check out her website She Said Yes. She is such a lovely person, her blog is awesome and she is doing some really great things. Here is a link to one of her videos with an exciting announcement she was making. Great to hear the things she is up to and she also happens to be wearing the dress again :-) 

Looking forward to seeing more from this lovely lady 

xx Désirée