The Big C

The Big C

I have quite the new hair do thanks to the lovely Miss Dom. It not just the average hairstyle, and not because it is dramatic but because there is a very sentimental reason behind it.

Desiree with long hair new fashion hair style

A little over two years ago a really dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Wil is the most amazing woman and honestly words cannot describe what she means to me and to everyone who knows her.

When she was diagnosed she shaved her head before undergoing chemo. I had always hoped that none of my friends would ever be diagnosed with cancer but that if they were I would happily shave my head with them.

Truthfully it would have been scary but I totally would have done it for her but she is not the type that would want that. So instead I did nearly the opposite and I have been growing my hair for 2 years. Regular trims but no big cuts, no styling and definitely no hair dye. I have really thick hair so not getting it regularly thinned out has been quite a new thing for me.

fashion designer donating hairkiwi designer shaving her head

For women losing their hair from chemo is really difficult and can make them feel even worse at an already terrible time. Wearing a wig can help restore a bit of confidence and mean they can go places and not be constantly asked about cancer. 

It takes 8 to 16 ponytails to make a wig which is a lot of hair and a lot of donations.

As Dom cut my hair we joked that because I have so much hair that it would probably count as 3 ponytails, so maybe I am providing enough for nearly half a wig. We actually weighed the hair and it was 150g! That is quite a bit for hair.

I didn’t tell Wil what I was doing. I figured I would tell her once it was all cut off. I knew she would get a kick out of seeing my hair change so drastically. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance. She passed away late last year leaving behind a husband and 4 children just weeks before her 50th birthday.

I remember visiting her and just knowing that it was the last time I would see her and I will never forget those last moments I spent with her. It’s hard to explain but my hair was nearly long enough to cut off then and I just kept hoping that if I didn’t cut it then maybe it all wouldn’t be happening and she wouldn’t be going just yet.

It has now been a couple of months since she passed and I could have cut my hair ages ago but I just wasn’t ready. I still miss her everyday and feel the void of her not being there but I am glad she is at peace. 

During her illness a give a little page was set up to assist her as standard medicine had done all they could for her and so expensive alternative medicine was the only option. 

Wil was a working mum and so now that she has passed her husband Charles is left with a mortgage and 4 kids to raise on his income alone. The give a little page is still up and running so that donations can be made to help her beloved family keep going. Living without her is not easy but having some funds to help their life remain as close to normal makes a big difference.

So if you have even just a few dollars to spare for this family or long hair you could donate to freedom wigs then please consider it. They are both such worthy causes.

If you do choose to donate to either cause please email me on with a picture of your donation and your postal address and I will send you a chiffon scarf as my thank you. No charge, no postage fees, no catch. I would just be thanking you. 

I am so grateful to have had Wilhemina in my life and I will always treasure the moments I had with her. 


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