Take a minute to laugh at my awesome team

Take a minute to laugh at my awesome team

Photo shoots are always a very long, full on and exhausting day (I usually want to sleep for 2 days afterwards!)

The photos always look amazing and it is a very productive day but we do this every 6 months so I try to make it a fun day as well as hard work.

So how do you make a very busy day fun??

Well, we mess around and make everyone laugh! In fact we do such a good job of it that the laughs are quite often followed by Charles telling me to stop making the model laugh so he can get a good pic. 

When we take a break for lunch time it is the perfect time for a team photo. We usually start with a really nice one, like this.....

Nice team photo at photo shoot

Then very quickly someone forgets we are doing nice shots....

mostly nice team photo

Then we purposely do our 'Awkward Family Photo'

Silly Team photo at Desiree AW17 photo shoot

And one is never enough

Awkward family photo at Desiree AW17 fashion photo shoot

Then we offer our team some solo pics - because everyone needs a nice new cover pic or an updated picture for their portfolios and other professional things.

So we keep it totally classy and professional.

Silly team portrait of thorin dunlop at Desiree AW17 fashion photo shoot

and we offer them a baby.... nope we didn't, she just found that on her own!

Mum and a Baby mannequin get cuddly at desiree fashion photo shoot

Some of us like to really get into another character and pretend to be a superhero  or something...?

Super Desiree at look book photo shoot

So as you can see, we have fun.

Still exhausted by the end of it but at least it is most definitely not your average boring day.

Thankfully, none of our fun gets in the way of getting great pictures of the new collection. I can't show them to you yet but they are actually really good.

We didn't just mess around all day, I promise :-) 

Big thank you to all my wonderful team, you guys really are awesome.

Charles Turner, Ariel Pearse, Tain Dunlop, Mikayla Hammond, Thorin Dunlop, Julie Kurtz and Amberley Kurtz. 


xx Désirée