What is The Point of a Sleeveless Coat?

What is The Point of a Sleeveless Coat?

Sleeveless coat for Winter, is that an oxymoron?? Shouldn't a coat be really warm and have full length sleeves?

Miyo Coat on Ariel Pearse

Nah. Unless you live in Antarctica or somewhere equally as cold then it doesn't have to have full length sleeves to be warm and really versatile. With a long full coat that is all you see every time you wear it. With a sleeveless coat like the Miyo Coat you get to see more of your outfit and play the layering game a bit more.

selfie in sustainable fashion coat
(For this look I simply put a little safety pin on the inside so I could wear it closed just at the right point and then open the rest of the way)

It also works for most of the year, I wore it recently on a day that was mostly sunny but still had its cooler moments and it was perfect.

Desiree wearing miyo coat belted at the back
(This outfit makes me smile because I was in the shower when my 4yr turned up with these pearls and nude coloured pumps as her contribution to my outfit. It actually looked really good, I guess style runs in the blood)

With the Miyo Coat there are also a few different ways to wear it. The lapel can be worn closed, folder open or folded away and hidden. 

Ariel wearing sustainable coat

It looks great belted up, belted to the back and just simply open.

desiree slow fashion coat
(Super toasty blending items from different seasons together at the botanical gardens in my precious pants, royalty merino top with the Miyo Coat)

On really cold days you could even add a full coat over the top whilst travelling in the cold. Most of us spend our time inside our home or an office with heaters so we don't need a full on coat all day so one like this is realistic for our indoors lifestyle.

white sneakers and slow fashion winter coat 
(This pic was as I was on my way to Christchurch for what was meant to be a quick day trip.I'll share more about it in another post but lets just say I am so glad I chose to wear sneakers!)

I am wearing the oatmeal colour but I am going to be making myself one in the charcoal because I have enjoyed wearing this one so much.

What are your thoughts on the Sleeveless Coat? Are you converted? Have you always loved them?