Our intern on the Runway at NZ Fashion Week

Our intern on the Runway at NZ Fashion Week

Over the past couple of years I have been really blessed to have several work experience students and interns come through my workroom. It is really great to have an extra pair of hands around and I really enjoy sharing the inner workings of my label with them, especially some of the tips and tricks I have worked out for myself. I love showing them something and seeing their surprise at how much time it will save them whilst still achieving the best results.

 em & cait opening look

Most work experience students come for their allocated time and then carry on with their studies, but one was extra special. Caity. She came via NZ fashion tech for work experience but after completing her hours she ended up coming back as an intern. My family and I have grown quite fond of Caity and I especially enjoy seeing how she has grown in the time that I have known her.

 em & cait at NZFW

When we first met she was very shy and quiet. As I set her tasks to test her skills and showed her new techniques, I saw her begin to realise how good she was at this and start to come out of her shell.

 em & cait nzfw16

I was proud to be front row at her graduation fashion show and then to see her Resene dress at fashion week.
This past fashion week was really something else because her label Em & Cait, which she has started with her friend, was debuted at NZ fashion week. It was a beautiful collection which reflected their style and aesthetic. They even made jewellery to go with it! 

 em & cait jewellery

I sat in my seat so eagerly waiting for their collection that I didn't want to take pictures of anything else in case I used up all my battery. (as it turns out my pics weren't even that great!)

It is so rewarding to watch Caity as she has become confident in herself and her talents. I am also really happy that her and Emily are such good friends and work together to create beautiful clothing.


Em & Cait is definitely one to watch, I will be watching and I hope you will too.


All images courtesy of the Em & Cait Facebook page, check it out here 

 em & cait cover pic


Are you a fashion student wanting to learn more about the fashion industry and how a fashion label is run? Apply for an internship or work experience with us by emailing some images of your work and a bit about yourself to desiree@clothingbydesiree.com

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