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August 29, 2016

I'm not exactly a nervous flyer on planes but I am nervous at airports.

Nervous I'll miss my flight. I have only only ever missed one flight and that was our honeymoon flight to Vanuatu nearly 9 years ago, guess I'm still traumatised.

Nervous that I will get pulled up on having too much luggage. I've had a few close calls but not actually had a major issue but it's still something I really don't want to have happen. I've see how much they charge for checking luggage at the gate and it ain't pretty.

Nervous that someone will hide something in my bag. Okay so I have seen way too many movies where this happens but it is still possible and therefore makes me nervous so I avoid checked luggage where possible.

Okay, so as you can see, nervous. 

Heading to Fashion Week things were going well. Arrived at the airport super early, no issues at security and even found a seat to sit at and enjoy some free wifi.

Then an airport security officer starts walking around asking if anyone has forgotten their hat.

I hardly ever wear hats, but yup that was me, I forgot my hat.

As we walk towards security to get my hat he asks if I have forgotten anything else.

Feeling sheepish I think about it and then respond 'nope, nothing'

'So no phone calls today then?'

Yup, my hat and my phone, so as you can imagine I was feeling super clever by this stage but very grateful that I got my phone back before flying out. NZFW would not be the same without having a phone.

So in the end I made it to my flight on time with all my stuff. End of story.

Oh I wish!!! I never do anything by halves. If you can leave stuff at the airport at one end then why not go all the way and leave something at the other end??

After flying into Auckland I pick up my bag, make sure I'm wearing my hat, and then call for my hire car.
Desiree at auckland airport

Rush into the city, ditch my stuff at the flat and then race to the Viaduct and made it in time for the Salasai show. Which was gorgeous by the way. 

They worked with an architect who set up this framework for the models to walk through, really cool effect. The clothes were great, totally their aesthetic, my favourite was the looped top.

Salasai NZFW set

Then I was transported back to the 80s with the Eugenie show and then my parking time was up so I headed back to the flat to sort out things for meeting with retailers.

That's when it hit me.

I picked up my bag from the airport. Bag. Not bags.

Way to go me!

So I call the airline and a report has already been done but they will call me in 3-5 days, but keep my phone handy because the report has already been done. Huh? Yea it made no sense, I swear the guy had a script and couldn't answer my question with anything else.

I check my phone and it turns out they had already called me while I was in the Salasai show, so I call back and yes they have it.

Make it back to the airport and the airline doesn't have it, security does. Except they insist that they don't. Back and forwards again and again, totally not how I wanted to spend the first day of fashion week.

Eventually it turned out that security had it but they didn't consider it to be a bag, apparently its a display bag??? 

So what do you do when you finally get your bag back, you've missed a few shows and you have a long drive back in to town?

Get a donut of course ;-)

dunking donuts at auckland airport

I was actually quite restrained and only got one - filled with custard and covered in chocolate tho......


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