No Makeup, Messy Hair but still Me - Mental Health Awareness Week

No Makeup, Messy Hair but still Me - Mental Health Awareness Week

A friend recently commented that she only sees me when I am looking nice and well put together.

So, I thought I should share that I’m not always well put together.

This is me, today with my hair a mess and no makeup on. But this is more put together than I was the day before.

I have a lot of anxiety around speaking in public but I hide it well and have been working on it. I take small steps to overcome this issue but it is not easy. I have come along way from where I started but I still have a long way to go.

What I realised is that I do need to take baby steps and that when I try and take a leap it is too much, especially if I am already emotionally drained. Which I am because there are so many emotional things going on right now and I feel them all very much.

I felt like an absolute failure for having to cancel something I had agreed to but I just couldn’t do it. After an hour crying in bed pouring my heart out to my hubby I feel better about it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and understanding husband.

I am still a strong and confident person but we all have our issues and we have to take one step at a time. Most of all we have to be kind and forgiving to ourselves. It's the getting back up that makes us strong, not the falling down. So keep getting back up, and if you can't do it alone then ask for help.

Now why am I sharing this on a fashion blog?
Because this clothing label is about making women look, feel good and being empowered and it just so happens to be Mental Health Awareness Week so what better time to share than now.

I didn't feel empowered when I felt like a failure, but I did when I realised that I am not alone in feeling this way and that it is okay. It is part of life. 

I hope that sharing this will help at least one other person feel okay about the things they are working on.

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