Mixing Seasons [2 seasons, 1 outfit]

Mixing Seasons [2 seasons, 1 outfit]

For anyone in Wellington you will notice that we haven't really had much Summer. It seems to come and go. Occasionally it feels like Summer and then the rest of time you could be forgiven for thinking it is Winter. Seriously, what is up with that??

The only upside to this terrible weather is that I enjoy seeing how different seasons' clothing can mix together well. I try and create clothing that is going to look great for years to come so for that to be true it needs to be able to mix in with past and future seasons. 

I really wish that I was mixing Summer clothes with Winter clothes but actually I am mixing last Winter with this coming Winter, which despite the lack of Summer is heading into stores in the next couple of weeks!

So I wanted to share a quick snap of my season mixing because I am actually really happy with how often I wear a mix of seasons.

Desiree wearing the new Miyo Coat

The pants are the infamous Precious Pants which are just ridiculously comfortable and are definitely the basis of many many outfits of mine. They just always look great, are really comfortable and pants are good for 90% of the places I go.

Sustainable fashion by wellington designer

I get cold really easily so another item I wear all the time is a long sleeve merino top so I'm wearing the burgundy Royalty Merino top. It has a cute little neck tie that I can wear loads of different ways but truthfully I have my favourite way and thats what I do most of the time but its good to have the option because you might wear it differently to me. The sleeves are really long so they scrunch at my wrist and keep me extra toasty.

These two items are what you will see me in most days. It is my easy go to outfit, I have 3 variations of these trousers and about 4 similar tops and it just works perfectly everyday. This combo generally keeps me warm enough but I can add a layer if I need it. I don't need to worry about bare legs or flashing anyone as I climb over things and since we have escape artist chickens I am climbing the fence regularly and I am sure my neighbours don't want me doing it in a skirt.

The newest addition to this outfit is the Miyo Coat which is brand spanking new and I am going to be wearing it a lot. 

Miyo Zero Fabric Waste Coat Sustainable Kiwi Fashion

It is a great add on to any outfit and for this outing I wore it open and unbelted. It wasn't freezing and was nice having it floating in the breeze a bit.

It is a zero fabric waste item that is from the new collection which is being released very soon. Sleeveless coats are such a necessity for those days when the weather is inconsistent and I am excited to start dabbling in the zero fabric waste arena. I am always looking for ways to be more sustainable and zero fabric waste is definitely a good but challenging way of doing it. Its like creating a puzzle. A mind boggling puzzle.


xx Désirée



Our family trip to the observatory was heaps of fun. I've lived in Wellington all my life and this is the first time I have been, how sad is that? Well now I can finally tick it off my list.