Big Cut - Little Girl

Big Cut - Little Girl

June 22, 2018

Everything we do can always be seen by someone, especially when social media is involved. That can be a good thing, or bad thing depending on your behaviour and the example you are setting.

Last year I cut all my hair off and donated it to Freedom Hair as a tribute to a dear friend I lost to cancer. I wrote a blog post about it because I think donating your hair is a great way to help people suffering from cancer, alopecia and other ailments. 

After explaining to my kids what I was doing and why, my son (8 yrs old) decided that he wanted to do the same. I was really proud of him for wanting to do it, especially since I knew he was going to get hassled, but I didn't really expect it to last long. It has lasted. He has grown his hair and it is almost, almost, long enough to cut and donate which I am super proud of him for and I can't wait to share his big cut pics. 

Odin with long hair

What is really exciting is that I have another 'Big Cut' pic to share instead. One that I wasn't expecting but I am really excited about.

A few weeks ago I got sent an email from a lovely Dad called David. His daughter had been growing her hair and wanted to donate it. Since David had seen my blog post about donating my hair he emailed and asked me for the details. I was more than happy to give him all the details and asked if he would be willing to send me pics that I could share.

Look how long and beautiful her hair was! And isn't the bob style super cute on her? It made me so happy to receive these pictures, so thank you to David and his family. This donation is going to help make life that little bit easier for the wig recipient.

before hair cut pictureafter hair cut image

Have you thought about donating your hair? If you'd like to know more check out or flick me an email.


Check out the original Big Cut article here 



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