Fashionable Blueberry Picking

January 10, 2018

Fashionable Blueberry Picking
Where to be and What to wear
This is the last week of my hubby being on holiday and my sister is down from Auckland, so we having been looking for fun things to do (whilst I still try and fit some work in around the fun things)

My husband, Charles, came across an article today about blueberry picking in Pauatahanui and suggested we go.

He figured that if we got there early and while the weather wasn't great that it wouldn't be busy.
Haha! If only!
As it turns out, most of Wellington must have read the article because it definitely was 'the place to be'

We turned up and the car park was absolutely packed! There were more cars than there was space and quite a line to wait and get a bucket to fill with berries.

Through the window I could see one of the owners washing bucket after bucket, I think he might have been going all day!

There are two seperate blueberry patches, one for families and one for adults only. The latter had much bigger and juicier berries so we split up and took turns with the kids.

It was so much fun hunting around through the berry bushes looking for the best berries. We ended up being there for 2 hours!

Part of that would also be that we kept running into people we know and therefore chatting......
Like I said, it was 'the' place to be and clearly we were not alone in our opinion.

We ended up with a big bucket full of berries, about 2kg and it cost $22. Such a good deal. Not only do we have lots of blueberries but we had so much fun picking them.

The owners even gave us a list of recipes, how thoughtful is that?

My daughter desperately wants blueberry pie. She has asked me about 5 times already, 'can we make blueberry pie now?'
'what about now?'

I'm not even sure she likes blueberry pie.... Guess we will find out.

So far we already have blueberry muffins and chocolate covered blueberries. I have also eaten at least a punnet worth of berries.
I wore a navy (aka Blueberry) coloured dress to the blueberry farm. It just seemed rather fitting. Yup, it is totally like me to co-ordinate my outfit with the produce.

But don't they look great together in the photos???

The navy cotton dress went perfectly with my white sneakers and the outfit suited the situation perfectly. I wasn't cold, I was comfortable, I could move around and get to the tallest berries. I also didn't need to worry about my clothes being too tight after eating a lot of berries (on the way home after picking them and paying for them, definitely not beforehand!).

I also figured that if I happened to somehow get blueberries on my dress you wouldn't even notice. Thankfully I didn't even end up having to test that theory but it pays to be prepared (especially when kids are around!)

If you're in Wellington and interested in going, the Blueberry farm is called Pukeawa Farm and the address is 405 Paekakeriki Hill Road, Pauatahanui

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