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June 10, 2019 3 min read

Custom made Dance Costumes

Everyone who knows me know I love creating fashion for all sorts of people and situations. What is lesser known is that I also enjoy creating Salsa dance costumes as well.

It started a few years ago when I was asked by a client if I would be happy to alter some dance costumes, then I altered lots of costumes, then started making a few costumes and now I make tonnes!!

Creating lots of gorgeous costumes in a short amount of time is why no one has heard from me during May, but now they're done I would love to show you what I've been working on. 

( A big thanks to Keane from Capturing Heartbeats for always taking great pictures at the Showcase ) 


Swimwear Costumes

These ones are swimwear costumes as the piece starts off with the team in the cold all wrapped up and then the sun comes out and they're in their swimwear, happy and dancing.

Salsa magic swimsuit costumes by desiree clothing


Custom made Stripes

The Banditos and Mamacitas are one of the biggest teams and is always a very entertaining routine with a good story. This showcase has the Swiss Guard and Nuns both of which happen to have a secret member of the other team hiding amongst them. (See if you can spot Patrick as a nun and Noe as a member of the Swiss Guard) 

 Salsa Magic Banditos and Mamacitas wearing costumes by Desiree Clothing

The Swiss Guard costume took the most time out of all of them as there are 4 different types of stripes on each costume. A combination of colours and sizes meant that we had to create the stripes by cutting out strips of fabric and sewing them together.

Very time intensive but the result was well worth the effort.

Salsa Magic Banditos wearing costumes by desiree clothing

Salsa Magic Mamacitas wearing costumes by Desiree Clothing

Handmade Polka Dots

The Cha Cha team wanted a 1950's Cuba inspired look. The team leaders sent me pictures of different styles and colours they liked and this is what we came up with. It was impossible to find polka dot fabrics in the colours we wanted along with plain versions (it needed to be the performance wear fabric) so we ended up creating a polka dot pattern with iron on vinyl. 

It turned out great and was very effective on stage, especially as the skirt swirls beautifully when the girls spin.

Salsa Magic Cha Cha group wearing 1950s cuba inspired costumes by desiree clothing


Leotards with Fringe

Mambo Mayhem is one of Salsa Magics very experienced teams and these costumes were made from a beautiful fabric that is black with silver and dots and colour foil detailing with silver fringe. Fringe is a great way to add movement to a costumes which always looks good.

Salsa Magic Mambo mayhem wearing costumes by desiree clothing

Flag Inspired Costumes

Boogie Squad is a big team and for this routine they picked out a roses fabric which had rose gold foil over the top. It was then combined with red, green and white to represent the mexican flag and therefore the guest choreographer.

Salsa Magic Boogie Squad wearing costumes made by Desiree Clothing

Lycra and Mesh Combo

Enrique Mambo is one of the newer student teams and a lot of these dancers were performing for the first time and did a great job. Their costumes are made from a beautiful burnt orange and nude mesh.

Salsa Magic Enrique Mambo wearing costumes made by desiree clothing

Velvet, Lycra and Sequins

Last but not least is the Bachata team which as you will notice has more women than men and 3 different costumes. This routine involved a boyfriend, girlfriend and mistress. It was important to have the mistress strand out and to have the boyfriends costume have ties to the girlfriend and mistress so we used different fabrics to tie them together.

Salsa Magic Bachata group wearing costumes by desiree clothing

I went along to their showcase last weekend along with some friends and family and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is awesome seeing everyone up on stage wearing costumes I've spent hundreds of hours making.

If you're interested in learning to dance Salsa or coming along to one of their showcases click the link below to go to Salsa Magics Website.

Salsa Magic Website

If you'd like to see more about the photographer Capturing Heartbeats see the link below

Capturing Heartbeats Website  

Salsa Magic also performed these routines at the NZ Salsa Congress which filmed the performances so there are videos you can watch here  
(scroll down to find the ones which say Salsa Magic at the end) 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing some pictures of the costumes, I know its a tad bit different from the usual fashion seen on here but hopefully you still appreciate it and can see that we are skilled in creating almost any kind of clothing you might want.

So if you're in need of something specific whether it be fashion, wedding attire or dance costumes, please get in touch via our contact page