Crying on the Floor of the Gym during Fashion Week

Crying on the Floor of the Gym during Fashion Week

I've written a little bit about Fashion Week but this post is about what was going on behind the scenes that week. The thing that I was trying not to let ruin the best week of the year in my Industry.

Hopefully I did a good enough job not being a miserable sod and letting problems get to me and well there is nothing like a great fashion show and a party to make a girl forget all her problems!

Okay, so here is the news. 

We're moving!

That still doesn't explain the gym floor, I know, but I will get there.

When I told my dear friend Wil that we were moving her response was 'to Japan?' (This was something that was a possibility and had been discussed) and she did a big sigh of relief when I told her we are moving to Johnsonville.

Our house is up quite a few stairs - we have a cable car but there are still stairs after that. It is fine for my family and I -  keeps me fit ;-) - but my in-laws who live right next to us are in their 70's and its no longer so great for them. In fact, my father in laws has had a few big falls recently which were not even near stairs so we all knew it was time to move.

Excitingly we have found a beautiful big house in Johnsonville with enough room for all of us and my father in-law will have everything he needs on the ground floor.

Getting this house has been a massive task. Firstly finding a suitable house was not that easy (although it happened really quickly) and secondly there is so much paperwork involved in mortgages! Thankfully Alex Tai at ANZ has been really great to deal with and so have Team Yip from Harcourts.

So if everyone has been great then why did I find myself sitting on the gym floor balling my eyes out whilst on the phone to my husband???

Two words. Two horrible, disgusting words.

Break fees.

Are you trembling with terror? I am. The words still make me feel ill.

The worst part was that we really weren't expecting it. For one we thought our current bank would be helpful. They really, really weren't so we had no choice but to go to another bank. Secondly the rates have not changed much since we fixed our original mortgage, in fact they moved in our favour. Except apparently that our original bank is offering mortgages at 1% lower that what they advertise.

What does this all mean? $$$$$$ to the bank, from us.

And me.... crying on the gym floor, thankful to be in Auckland where no one at the gym knows me. For anyone who is wondering, I did manage to get half an hour worth of great work out time before I got the call. Then it was all over.

How's that for Fashion Week honesty?

xx Désirée

P.S we are renting out our current home so if you are looking for a nice place in Island Bay (and you're not 70 yrs old) then click here