A Little Birthday Adventure

January 17, 2017

Today is my sons' Birthday, he is officially a 7 year old. One of our family traditions is that we all take the day off to enjoy family birthdays. So today we all took the day off and headed out to Matiu Somes Island for the first time.

Odin got some sweet as walkie talkies as his present so what better place to try them out than on an Island Adventure. I have lived in Wellington all my life and this was my first trip there.

Outfit pic on Days Bay Wharf

Outfit wise I kept it nice and casual with the charcoal duo dress and a pair of green chucks. I figured that my usual black heeled ankle boots wouldn't quite work for this trip so sneakers it was. Sunnies on a day like today were a must and might I say 'Hallelujah!' it was a beautiful day! Finally feels like Summer. I didn't even need the Merino top I took with me.

Desiree and Odin on Matiu Somes Island

We took sushi with us for lunch because it is one of Odins' favourites and it was really cool to eat it at the top of the island looking out at all of Wellington. It is a great reminder that we live in such a beautiful country.

Somes island view

We kept our trip pretty short because there was a lot to fit into one birthday, so we only spent an hour and a half on the island but we managed to get to see most of it.

gun turrets at somes island

I was surprised to learn a bit more about the island and to find out that there were a bunch of gun turrets at the top that were built during the war in 1939. There was also a degaussing station where navy women removed the magnetic field on the bottom of ships so they didn't set off the underwater mines. Girl power back in 1939! 

tuatara on Matiu somes island

On the way to the little light house we got told that there was a tuatara out and about basking in the sun. There was a little sign saying to watch it but don't touch and we stood there for a minute before actually being able to spot it. Seeing it up close was really cool.

Vader van odin and kids at somes island

Charles and odin on matiu somes island

Because we had to keep up a pretty quick pace to make it everywhere there ended up being a reasonable amount of 'child carrying' which definitely makes for a good weights work out. I realise none of the pictures show me carrying a child but trust me, I did. Far out 7 year olds are heavy! As we were rushing back to catch the boat I ended up carrying Odin for a bit. Maybe a quick trip was not the greatest idea.....

Look out on Matiu Somes Island

The views from EVERYWHERE on this island are amazing! So many great places for pictures. Anyone can look good with a background like that.

So big thanks to my folks for the ferry vouchers this Christmas, it has made for such a beautiful day. Have you been to Matiu Somes Island before? If not, you really should.



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