19 Outfits, 2 Days To Go

19 Outfits, 2 Days To Go

In just 2 days time we will be photographing 19 womens fashion outfits for our label and I can't wait! Neither can my kids for that matter. Which is somewhat surprising. 

I didn't think they really cared that much about the photoshoot but in the past they have usually been looked after by someone else and not really been part of it. Last season we finally had all the gear so we set up a studio in our lounge and I guess the kids they really enjoyed that. (The dead giveaway was when my son asked when the photoshoot was and if it was going to be here, and then started running around excitedly saying '2 more days')

Today I have been putting the finishing touches on the collection. There has been a lot of fine tuning and adjusting the clothing so that everything is how it should be and looks great on the fashion model at the photoshoot. 

A really important part of planning the photoshoot is putting together the outfits. As I have been creating the clothing I have been thinking about how to style the apparel but it isn't until everything is finished that I can try everything on and then decide what I will photograph with what. (It is actually a really good sign, but really hard when I have items that fit really well into lots of different outfits, it means the collection of clothing is cohesive and wearable but it also means I have more decisions to make)

To decide which outfits to use, I take quick selfie of tonnes of different outfit combinations so I can compare them. 

Fashion photoshoot prep selfie comparison clothing selfie Wellington designer outfit selfieNZ fashion designer outfit

Then I put everything into a spreadsheet and start narrowing it all down. Choosing the best outfits is the first step and then the time consuming but really important part is deciding which order to photograph them in, and allotting how long you have to take the photos.

Womens designer clothing outfit runsheet

But why is it so important? It shouldn't really matter, should it?

Some people don't care what order it goes in but I do and it makes things smoother and we can do things faster. This is because I take the time to work out which order will make it easiest for changes, ie if the same trousers are being used in two looks then I try and put those next to each other, then it also is easier for lighting if we have dark colour outfits together.

This means a lot of shifting things around to get them in the best order but it is really worth it on the day.

xx Désirée