What to wear... to high tea

What to wear... to high tea

I really enjoy getting to tick things off my bucket list and this past month has seen a lot of things ticked off. i.e. Japan! and tonnes of things in Japan! 

Going for high tea was also on my list and I got to tick that off as well. I've wanted to go for quite awhile but just haven't had the excuse to justify the cost and I wanted to make sure it was memorable.

high tea at martha's pantry

Mothers Day and my Birthday happened while I was in Japan so it was lovely to have a belated mothers day at Martha's Pantry. We managed to get four generations of our family there. My Oma, Mother, Sister, myself and my daughter. It was great having all of us there and yet somehow we had too much fun to remember to take a picture of all of us. high tea

We paid for high tea for all the adults which included a 3 tier plate of delicious food and drinks of our choosing. Between the table we got hibiscus tea, lemon sorbet tea, turkish apple tea and then Aria (my daughter) and I shared a Strawberry milkshake.

3 tier high tea platter

What I found really funny was that when I suggested to Aria that we get a milkshake her response was 'no. just tea.' I asked her twice and that was her answer. I got a milkshake anyway and after she had her watered down hibiscus tea in a beautiful tiny teacup she happily enjoyed the milkshake and playing with the kids teacups.

aria at high tea with princess plate

The decor at Martha's Pantry is just beautiful, the food and tea was delicious, the staff were lovely and I thought it was great that they even had hats you could wear while you were there. 

It was really fun choosing what to wear because who goes to high tea without looking the part? 

For high tea I think there are two main options

florals or fur (vegan preferably)

Red lipstick would go wonderfully with either of these and looking at the photos now I wish I had gone with a red lip.

I wanted to wear one of my floral dresses from Summer but it was quite a chilly day so instead I went for the San Miguel dress from this season and my Anika vegan fur shrug from last Winter which both went so well with the setting and the hat I borrowed from my sister. As I was leaving I even ended up talking to a couple of ladies about my outfit because they liked it so much.

desiree at high tea

I'd love to hear what is on your bucket list that you have recently ticked off and what you have or would wear to high tea.