We are a finalist for......

We are a finalist for......

We a very exciting with a little bit of new that we found out about last week but had to keep 'confidential' until it was officially announced today.

Doesn't that sound super flash? Well it did to me.

So I am excited to now be able to say that our El Dorado Coat is a finalist in the Etsy awards for NZ & AU which is pretty exciting! The prize for the fashion and accessories award is $1000 and the Community's choice Grand prize is $5000. 

There are 12 finalists for the section I am in and 54 finalists for the Community's choice. Winning either of these would be pretty special especially since in the fashion and accessories section there are only 2 kiwis including myself (the rest are all Aussies) so it would be pretty special for a kiwi to take out the prize. The first section is decided by judges but the second one is decided by people like you. So I would really appreciate your support by voting for me :-) Click here to vote for me.

Desiree coat as a finalist in Etsy awards

Thanks for your support.