I got bit by Bambi

May 06, 2016

Nara park is a big beautiful area surrounding the Big Bhudda temple and is full of deer. There are lots of little stalls selling deer food for 150 yen.

Desiree feeding a deer

I had lots of fun feeding the deer and patting them. They were very tame and docile, weren't at all bothered by the massive crowds and were quite well fed. Half the time you would offer them food and they wouldn't even want it. When they did want food they would do a little bow to signal to you which I thought was really cute and quite fitting for the Japanese deer since bowing is important in the Japanese culture.

Desiree patting a deer

But when they did want it, they really wanted it. There was one deer who I fed and apparently didn't feed it enough. So it bit me! Seriously, I got bit by Bambi?

It really wasn't a big deal because it didn't hurt in the slightest but it did give me a little surprise. Haha so the mother in me came out and I pointed my finger at the deer and told it that if it was going to bite me then it wasn't going to get fed. So it just looked at me and then walked off. What a crack up.

(I did also make sure to check that it hadn't made any marks on my top since it is a sample from next Summers collection and I really don't want it ruined 6 months before the season even starts)

Desiree with a girls dressed up in a kimono

In the part there also happened to be a pretty young lady dressed up in a kimono feeding a deer, so I asked her for a picture. She very kindly obliged. Doesn't she look wonderful in this kimono??? 

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