5 storey tall Bhudda

May 03, 2016

Our furtherest trip out of the city has been to Nara park which is out in the suburbs. It felt really strange to look out the train window and be really surprised to see houses for the first time since getting into Japan.

Nara park is a really large area which has lots of different beautiful buildings and the very big Todaiji Temple. It was very interesting hearing about how old the buildings were and that most of them have burnt down more than once (they even had very intricate models showing the different versions over the years)

Charles and Desiree outside Todaiji Temple

I got quite a surprise when we walked inside and saw the largest bhudda I have ever seen and quite possibly is the largest in the world. We all looked at the statue for quite awhile to try and work out how tall it is and the best we could estimate was about 4 or 5 storeys. It was quite a shock to see how large it was.

Largest Bhudda

The grounds surrounding the temple were also very beautiful with some very large beautifully kept grass fields and ponds. Big green fields only seem to be seen at sites like this, they are not very common which is quite a contrast to NZ.

Desiree outside Todaiji Temple

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