Osaka Castle

May 01, 2016

We are staying in Osaka so naturally we couldn't resist visiting the Osaka Castle. It is a beautiful Japanese castle up on a hill and surrounded by a moat and trees.

Osaka Castle

The castle walls are made from these absolutely massive rocks, so huge that we had to get a picture next to one of them to show the actual size of them. But a rock wall isn't quite as interesting without a samurai in the shot ;-) He was this lovely old man working on the castle grounds but dressed as a Samurai and got very excited when he found out we were from NZ.

I'm wearing the Flor de la mar cardigan and it has been so great as the weather has been very unpredictable at the moment. I have put it on and taken it off several times and when it gets really cold, buttoned it up all the way.

Desiree and Samurai at Osaka castle

The castle was quite astonishing, from a distance it looks big but when you get up to it you realise it is actually so unbelievably massive! Being so large meant that the view from the top was stunning and a great way to look out upon Osaka and realise that it is huge city in every direction.

View from the top of Osaka Castle

Another really surprising part about osaka castle was that the inside is a rather modern looking museum. Not at all what you would expect based on the outside.


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