My first experience with a Japanese Shrine

There are tonnes of beautiful little shrines around Japan and this was the first one I was taken too.

We have been staying in Osaka with my brother in law, Michael, who has been living here for the past 5 years. It is great having someone who is so familiar with the area and all the places to take us to.

This shrine is a beautiful statue covered in moss and as you walk in you put a donation in the box, then pick up a ladle and spoon the water onto the moss to help keep it growing.

Each shrine is different with a different process and purpose. I love learning about and experiencing a place so rich in culture and so different from our way of life.

Desiree Charles and Michael outside a small japanese shrine

We didn't even notice until looking at this pic that all three of us are wearing grey tops! totally unplanned but kind of cool.

I am also enjoying getting to wear a few of my next season items ;-) this top and culottes combo has been so comfy and easy to wear. I was planning on wearing a skirt but got changed when I found out we were going to be cycling around the city all day and these culottes were perfect for that. They seem to be quite popular here in japan too.

Desiree inside a japanese shrine