Planes and Treats

We stayed out a little bit too late in Sydney but it was worth it. Once we were back to the hotel we were asleep very, very quickly. Not before ensuring we had at least two alarms set of course, just to make sure we got to our flight in the morning.


in fact, we were up nice and early to head to the airport and arrived quite early for our check in. (having once missed a flight - our honeymoon flight no less - i prefer to get there early. I am terrified of missing a big flight and not making it to our destination, so early is good.


Sydney airport is absolutely massive!! It is crazy. Its basically a town of its own. We had a couple of hours to kill so we wandered around looking for something to eat and just enjoying looking out the large windows checking out all the planes.

Sydney airport

We ended up with loose change that needed to be spent :-) Charles couldn't find anything to buy with the money so instead I bought a most delicious macaroon. It was nearly $4 but it was worth it, especially since its money we weren't going to get to use, no point having it go to waste ;-) 

There is a beautiful shop called ‘a little something’ and they had a lovely selection of macaroons so i got a nutella and salted caramel one. It was really really good.

macaroon at sydney airport

Hubby had lots of fun teasing me and joking that I wasted all our money on a biscuit.