Starting our big trip to Japan

April 28, 2016

You have an evening in Sydney on your way to Japan, what do you do?

Well, we found a cheap little hotel to stay at above a bar about 10 mins from the airport and got together with some friends in town for authentic Korean BBQ.


We met up at the train station and they walked us to a gorgeous little restaurant down an alley way for a great meal and a wonderful evening out. I love having locals to show us around, you get to see things that most tourists don’t. 

And yea, we were that group of people who stayed so long that we were the last ones there and the staff were having their dinner at the end of the shift. 

It just couldn't be helped, we were having too much fun to leave.

korean bbq in sydney

I still can hardly believe that the hubby and I are getting to go on this trip, Japan for 10 days. We have been talking about doing this for such a long time and now it is finally happening.

What is also hard to believe is the amazing deal we got on our flights. Our flights cost nearly half what we had been seeing them at! Go Webjet and the sale they had on boxing day!

You’d think that for the cheap flights we got that we would be doing the good old, take your own food and entertainment right? Nope, not at all. I keep expecting it to be that we won’t be getting meals and there won’t be any movies to watch but we have been so unbelievably well taken care of. I guess cheap airlines probably have lowered my expectations a lot but hey, I’m still very happy with the service we have been getting. 

 JAL lunch and entertainment

Check out this meal on Japan airlines, this is lunch! There was even dessert afterwards plus snacks and drinks you can go help yourself to. There is a sign telling you to help yourself, I checked, trust me ;-)

Having food, drinks and movies on demand definitely makes a long flight much much easier.



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