1 Item 3 Ways...

1 Item 3 Ways...

Who doesn't love an article about one piece of clothing that you can wear several different ways? They are great inspiration for putting together an outfit and frankly if there aren't 3 different ways to wear or accessorise an item then it isn't an item you should be buying. 

I love creating and wearing clothes that are comfortable and versatile so I have been planning on doing a blog post of '1 item 3 ways' for quite some time and had something completely different in mind from what this one will be. (maybe it will become a regular feature in the way intended)

This jersey here is the item 

Winter v neck sweater

This is a two tone jersey from Winter 2015 Collection which I personally still wear, it is super comfy and a great part of many different outfits I wear.

1st Look

Desiree Clothing Two Tone jersey

Pair it with a patterned skirt, tuck it in, scrunch the sleeves up, add some ankle boots and a chunky bracelet.


2nd Look

1 item 3 ways worn by Desiree

Layer a long Sleeve Merino Top underneath, then a floral print black dress, black stockings and long boots. This outfit is a great example of dressing for a four season day. Lots of layers so they can be removed or added back as necessary. Oh the life of a Wellingtonian ;-) 


3rd Look 

Alternative way to wear a jersey Funny way to wear a jersey

Wear it instead of pants, add a pink tee and red polka dot stockings........ Okay, definitely don't follow this outfit example!

In case you can't tell, this was not planned and totally not what I had in mind for the first 1 Item 3 Ways post but I couldn't not share it. It is just too comical.

My 4 year old doesn't quite understand that stockings aren't pants (does anyone else have this frustration with their child???) This particular morning she was wearing the stockings and a t-shirt so naturally I told her to put pants on. Being a 4 year old she didn't want to put in any effort and go upstairs to get pants so instead she grabbed the first thing she could, which just so happened be my jersey, and put that on in lieu of pants.

I am going to have so much good stuff to show my daughter when she is a grown up!