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March 20, 2017

The Dai Knit Dress

As a designer who wholesales to retailers, I have to create my collections in advance.  6 whole months in advance. This is to coincide with when retailers are buying and also to give us enough time to make the items which go into stores. So it is a good thing, it keeps me sane and not ridiculously frazzled (mostly).

 Desiree at Jennekes Graduation

It does, however, mean that I am creating clothes well before I can wear them and that can be fashion torture. As a rule I don’t wear an item until the season starts and the collection has been released to the public, but sometimes I break this rule. I try not to but I just can’t help it.

 Dai Dress at Christmas

This season my rule breaking item has been the Dai Knit dress. I have to admit that I have definitely been wearing this before the season started but in my defence it is suited for all year round and it is ridiculously comfortable so I cannot be held accountable for my actions.


Desiree wearing Dai Knit Dress

I wore it on my sales trip, which is one exception I usually make, but I have now worn it on two sales trips. I do so much driving and this dress is so comfy how can I not wear it on the road? I also wore it to my sisters graduation back in January, it looked great with my gold vegan leather belt and my then long hair. I have worn this dress to church, to a sales evening at Mooinooi, to the Great Trentham Collaboration, on my recent photoshoot and even to customer appointments.

 Desiree Behind the Scenes at Photoshoot

As I am writing this I am realising just how much I have worn this dress! Today I have made a couple of these dresses in custom colours, a beautiful deep purple and a lovely olive green. I think I might just need to make a second dress for myself.

Olive Green Dai Knit Dress 

So, I broke my own rule but you know what? I don’t even regret it, not at all.

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